Lounge, Karaoke Lounge

Blue eyes


Please spend supreme moment listening to the automatically played piano in the lounge which provides a relaxed atmosphere.  You can enjoy Karaoke in a Karaoke room.  

Hours: 20:00~24:00

Counter seats

You can enjoy the night view of Lake Biwa sitting in a spacious chair with a back. There is an abundant food menu available. 


Karaoke BOX

Subaru (the Pleiades)

Capacity: 38 people   Fee: 3,150yen per person  Limited for a group of 20 people or more. 

#、♭(Sharp, Flat)

Capacity: 15 people 
Hours: 15:00~20:00 
Fee: 3,150yen/room per hour
After 20:00~:  7,350yen/room per hour 

Aesthetics and massage

Yusuraume (Prunus tomentosa)


You’ll be given comfortable massage in a private room. Even a customer who has never experienced massage will be impressed by the relaxing effect. 

Hours: 16:00~23:30


Body, lymph, head, reflexology (sole pressure points), lymphatic drainage oil massage, facial aesthetics

Yuagari Library (Library after a bath)

Created in February, 2016

Hours: 15:00~22:00 and 7:00~10:00

Soft drinks, coffee, ice candy and others are prepared in the library. Books related to Shiga are available too.  Please enjoy them while taking a rest after a bath. 


Hanatemari  (Verbena)


 Hours: 15:00~22:00 and 7:00~10:00 Delivery service is available.(Goods you bought can be sent to a designated place from the shop)



  • Internet is available via wireless LAN throughout the whole building.
  • Internet is available in all the guestrooms
  • [Connection method] Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
  • Rental PC is not available
  • [Internet connection] Free of charge

Bath towel
Body soap
Hair Dryer (available in Biwa no kaze, Manyo, Fuga, Yuga and the large shared bath room)
Warm water washing toilet seat (available in Biwa no kaze, Manyo, Fuga, Yuga, Biwasumire, 4th FL and the large shared bath room)
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Down quilt 
Comb and hair brush  (available in Manyo, Biwa no kaze, Manyo, Fuga, Yuga and the large shared bath room)
Yukata, informal cotton kimono for nightwear (size: S – XXL for adults and S – L for kids)
Shaving utensil  (available in Manyo, Biwa no kaze, Fuga, Yuga and the large shared bath room)
Free wired internet access (available in Biwa no kaze, Manyo, Fuga, Yuga and Yuga)
Free wireless internet access in the entire building.
Foreign TV channels available: BBC (UK), poenix (HK), TVBS(Taiwan) and YTN (Korea)
× Pajamas
× Shower cap
Hair rinse
× Bathrobe
Cotton swabs (available in the large shared bathroom)