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Please feel refreshed and relaxed with hot spa and aesthetic skin care.  Authentic hot spa bathing supports your beauty and health.



Corridor leading to the large shared bathroom on the 1st floor



Reception hours


You’ll be given comfortable massage in a private room. Even a customer who has never experienced massage will be impressed by the relaxing effect.  


Body, lymph, head, reflexology (sole pressure points), lymphatic drainage oil massage, facial aesthetics

Body massage course menu

Treatment of general fatigue caused by stiff shoulders, back pain, chronic exhaustion and stress. 
30 min. ・・・・4,500yen
45 min. ・・・・6,500yen
60 min. ・・・・8,000yen
Additional 15 min. ・・・・2,000yen
Lymphatic drainage massage without oil
45 min. ・・・・7,500yen


20 min. ・・・・3,500yen

Reflexology (sole pressure points)

It eliminates the swelling of lower legs and enhances the function of internal organs by stimulating effective points on the sole. 
30 min. ・・・・4,500yen
45 min. ・・・・6,500yen

Aesthetics and oil massage menu
Lymphatic drainage oil massage

The massage with Paris-made oil is effective in promoting fat-burning and recovery from fatigue by enhancing general metabolism.
30 min (foot). ・・・・5,000yen
40 min (back). ・・・・7,000yen
50 min (face + decolletee). ・・・・9,000yen
60 min full body (trimming). ・・・・11,000yen
80 min (full body). ・・・・14,000yen
120 min (full body + decolletee). ・・・・20,000yen

Facial Aesthetics
Basic course

Collagen facial pack is used, which is effective in preventing wrinkles and sagging and restoring moisture to the skin.
40 min. ・・・・7,000yen
60 min. ・・・・10,000yen

Anti-aging treatment course

Special facial pack is used to let skin-beautifying agent to penetrate with its high sealability, in order to effectively restore moisture to the skin. 
Facial pack will restore the firmness or resilience of aging skin. 
There are options in aesthetic and oil massage course
Head therapy  15 min.            3,000 yen
Decolletee       15 min.            3,000 yen
Hand reflexology  15 min.       3,000 yen

The above menu is available for male customers too