crw_3913.jpg _mg_6043.jpg男子露天風呂「源氏」 _mg_6045.jpg _mg_6052.jpg女子露天風呂「湯立」 _mg_6057.jpg _mg_6061.jpg _mg_6066.jpg crw_3894-1.jpg 8fk8facimg_0985.jpg 8fk8facimg_1603.jpg 8fk8facimg_1949.jpg 8fk8facimg_1951.jpg

Yukemuri batake (clouds of steam rising from a hot spa)

Relaxing time in onsen feeling breeze from Lake Biwa



Genji, men's bath



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Yutate, women's bathroom 



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Yuagari Library (Library after a bath)

Soft drinks, coffee, ice candy and others are prepared in the library. Books related to Shiga are available too.  Please enjoy them while taking a rest after a bath. 

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Efficacy of Ogoto onsen

【Spring quality】 Alkaline simple hot spring (expansive alkaline hot spring), about 28.1℃ Colorless and transparent
【Efficacy】neuralgic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, bruise, chronic enteropathy, Raynaud's phenomenon, fatigue and skin care